Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 Update


An update is now available! This update includes Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. I’m so sorry this took so long, and I’m sorry it’s yet to be completed. I still hope it’s able to give you a bit of joy before this year ends. A big, big thank you to altereden who is still my loyal, otome confidante, now also tester. A sincere thank you as well to my two lovely patrons over at Patreon such as quilleth, being able write an update there has been such a highlight of my months. This year has been a little tough for everyone, I hope the new year will be kind to you all!


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omg this is a great surprise! I was hoping for the game to be finished one day and although we're not there (-yet!), this update was amazing! thank you for your hard work and I hope you'll stay safe ^^

I'm glad you enjoyed the update! I'm always thinking about this game and when next I can work on it, so I hope I won't be keeping you waiting that much longer! Thank you for this kind message, and hoping you stay safe as well!

this is already the highlight of 2021 for me hehe :)) happy New Year dev and ty for the update--I'm super excited that this game is still alive

Thank you so much and I'm glad you enjoyed the game! It's players like you who are patiently waiting that keeps me motivated! Happy New Year!