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I played this game way before and when I saw this game again I felt like I wanted to leave a comment. So yeah, cute game, lovely art, 10/10, only complaint is it's too short.

Thank you for playing and I'm glad you liked the art! I apologize for the short playtime, it's my goal one day to release a polished VN of a decent length. Thank you for taking the time to write a kind comment!

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Awwwww. February's so sweet! Wish more people like him existed lol. Now I'm too scared to see if there's a bad end haha. If you plan on doing any more work on this, having better transitions (the cafe scene to uni scene was a bit abrupt) would make the experience better. I would of course like more story, but short and sweet has its own charm so it's fine if you keep it this way.

If not, then good luck on other submissions! I like your character art. It's a nice 'warm' style. Perfect for this story, really.

Hi! I know how you feel about bad ends, haha. I try to avoid them but if they exist, I can’t help but want to know what happens. Mint and Honey doesn’t have any bad ends though, it’s a linear story with just one ending. Working on this really made me realize how weak I am when it comes to writing, so I do agree with you that my transitions need work, thank you for the feedback! I hope you enjoyed it!

So cute xD (I'm tempted to make fanart, anyways) I love how patient and supportive February is and how sweet it ended for me. Thank you so much for this sweet and honest game. (I wish it could have been longer but it's all good :D) 

Thank you for playing! I might revisit February and Sunny in a sequel, because there were some scenarios I needed to cut out in order to meet the deadline, and feel free to make fanart!

Yey, alright, will do when I can get my hands on it. And another yey :D interested in seeing more of them whenever you can :)

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I finally got around doing the fanart for this lovely game ~ I hope you like it :D

Thank you again! It really made my day and I shared it with all my friends! 

Aw, you're welcome :3 keep up the good work :D

What a sweet honest game. The way the characters allowed themselves to be vulnerable with each other felt very real and endearing, and the development of their friendship was very sweet. 

Thank you for taking the time to write this, I'm glad it left a positive impression on you!