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My name is Lina, I'm a team leader of a russian fan made group "VNka":

We translate japanese and english visual novels to russian.

Our group have many finished projects:

I really like your otome novel "The Telepathy Club and the Summer Festival".

Could you possibly give us permission to translate it into russian?

Hello, apologies for the late reply! Firstly, thank you so much, I am very, very flattered. I'm just unsure of what that entails or how translations would work, so I'm afraid I can't accept without knowing more details. Please feel free to contact me over at any of my other social medias, but at this point, I will have to politely decline.

Ok. Can you give me your e-mail? I'll write you more information about it.

Hi, apologies again for the late reply! I don't currently have a business email, if you have a Tumblr, please kindly shoot me a message there, sorry for the inconvenience!

An adorable short game! Did both guys route and I love them both~

Overall, I love your descriptions of the atmosphere. It sucks me in. It helps that the background is aesthetic and fitting. Did you draw them too? 

Elijah is such a gentleman and a mum friend heh. His running away scene is 💘. His kindness and smoothness makes me smile. His 'I might call you many times' def. makes MC and us players all aflutter hohoho. Love his icy smile at the annoying fangirls at the end too. Don't mess with angry mum friend.

Noah. His brashness is a great contrast to Elijah. He may be disinterest at first but he's just having a hard time to show that he cares. Him flicking her forehead gets me grinning. A pro at applying bandages not only for himself but for others too. I wonder why he gets into fights often. Very curious about him. When MC digs her face in his back I just go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. MUST PROTECT.

Best character is best girl (Named her Tomabana hehe) 💕. I can't help but want to squeeze her hands. I want to be her friend so much and punch the bullies of her past. Def. looking forward to learning more about her and her powers in future games, December.

Ahhh, thank you!! Please check out my Patreon for updates, it’s slow but it’s there! (I know it might be disheartening to hear me always promise that I’m working it with no results to show but I really, really want to finish this project as well.)

Reading your reactions on the boys makes me so happy, I’m glad they made your heart all aflutter hohoho. 💖 And yes, I drew the backgrounds but again, my process is simple, I usually take pictures and trace over and slap on texture brushes, ahahaha.

Thanks for sharing your MC name, Tomabana sounds lovely!! Again, thank you for taking the time to write this!

Take your time and can I have the link to tour patreon? ^^

Sure thing! It's, I'm treating it more as a tip jar. 💖

Deci!!!!!!! I love and adore it thank you for your wonderful games and friggin ADORABLE boys <3

Thank you for the support!! I promise I’ll keep chipping away at the sequel and that I will get it done! 🌷💕💝

Short and sweet! I loved the aesthetic of the game, and seeing how the main character interacts with the guys melts my heart

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Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to write me such a lovely comment! I’m glad you like the aesthetic, I gave a lot of focus on the art. There is also a demo for The Telepathy Club and the Haunted House project if you’d like to play! 

Wow this game is so adorable! Honestly I live for the very soft aesthetic art in the game it's just perfect. The boys are very likeable and very sweet, the main character has more story to her than just being a blank slate. It's short, but considering you're letting out another game with the same characters, I'm guessing there's more so yeah I would certainly wait for that.

One thing I've noticed is that I use the desktop app and through that I can't download the game? I can download through the browser though, which isn't a big deal unless my internet security software tries to delete it thinking it's a malware or something. I checked with your other games but I can't download it through the app. Just wanna know why...

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Hi! First of all, thank you for bringing that issue to my attention! I overlooked checking which files were executable for which operating systems. I downloaded the app and it seems to be working on my end, so if you'd like to try installing through the app again, it should hopefully work. 

For this series I wanted to focus on more polished sprites and backgrounds, so I'm glad you liked the art! I apologize that it's short, but hopefully the later installments will make up for the length. I hope you'll keep looking forward to my future projects, and Happy New Year!


Thank you, it works now! I know it's late but happy new year to you too! I will be waiting for your other games :)

this was absolutely adorable <3 i played it because i was interested in the art but i think it was really worth the download!

the story is really soft and i like how the love interests were more.. platonic interests than romantic because it seems all mc really needs is a good friend (or two)!

the plot line is so sweet and although the story is pretty linear, i like how the little choices affect little things like dialogue delivery and idk the dynamic between elijah and noah is reaaaaally sweet! it makes me want to know more about the relationship between the two and how close they are, along with how they met and how their friendship came to be

honestly? i like how the mc's powers don't really show themselves much in the plotline! although it would be nice to see, it's cool that that element is treated so casually in the story <3

great work!

I'm glad the art caught your eye! Thank you for enjoying the story even though it was linear, and I'll be sure to try and answer your questions in a future installment. Thank you for being interested in the characters too, I'm sure they'd like to know more about you as well! It's always my aim that the player always feels like they are important and belong in my stories. Thank you so so much for your kind words, and although it is taking a long while, I hope you'll look forward to the next installment in the series.

Okay,  this was soft and so sweet, despite being so short! I LOVED it! Especially the contrast between the two boys and the dynamics in the way they interact.  Also I must say how your art is so pretty ! Simply adore the way you do the colours! (I can only wish to be able to draw like that some time soon!)

As for the story, I want more! And am very excited to know you're working on a Haunted House Project! You're doing amazing work and can't wait to see what comes next.

I also read the posts below and see you have/had troubles with customizing the GUI, if it's still eluding you, I'd be happy to help with the coding however I can (despite still being a more or less noob myself). ^^

Ahh, thank you for the kind words!! I'm also glad you liked the art, that tends to be my favorite part in any of my projects, haha. I have some time off soon in the next few days and will be trying to complete the next installment then, but hopefully soon I can deliver on it. I've had some bumps like my laptop dying and being unable to recover the original art asset files but I'll just make do with what I can.

And yes, please, I'd appreciate any help or tips with GUI! This applies to everyone but feel free to message me over my Tumblr, or ask for other ways to reach me. Thank you for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Oh! That's a pretty big blow. :/ Wishing you luck working around it.  I'll be tedious, but hang in there! 
I'll reach out to you on tumblr and we can try and figure out how much help you need. ^^

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A very soft, nice game in which I was expecting something  terrible to happen. I guess with how nice things seemed to be going for the protag (she made some new friends!) I expected something like an evil demon to attack or there to be a reveal that the protag was possessed or whatever.

But I pleased when none of that happened! In the end, she enjoys the festival with her friends! I had to squeal then, it was too cute. The protag's powers actually didn't see that much "use" in the game, I'm surprised! I guess we'll learn more about them in the next game, maybe? :D

The art was very beautiful. The rain looked like diamonds, I liked that a lot. All the art was rendered in pastel colors, which suited the game very much. The protag's half-and-half hair in one of the pictures reminded me of Neapolitan ice cream, ahaha.

All in all, a very lovely game! 

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Hello, thank you for taking the time to comment! Someone else also mentioned the lack of involvement in the MC's powers in the VN, on which I totally agree! Time restraints just didn't let me add it in, but I plan on including it in the next installation (hopefully I can start some serious work on it soon).  I'm glad you enjoyed it! And yes, I think art was the part that I had the most fun in, thank you for your kind words! Summer is over, but I always crave good ice cream in any season, hehe.


Hello! :D

Hi! Wait have you heard of me........? Did download your game and will play it soon!😀

I hope you enjoy playing!


Will do!

Hello once again xD I'm back from playing this VN! You create short and sweet VNs that my heart cannot take it (expect a fanart anytime soon, i just love your VNs so much). I like the fact that you concentrate more on telling your story and creating your characters (you inspire me so much that I want to create a lighthearted VN the same way as your style but i'm currently working on something else so...). Anyways, despite the fact that you don't have a flashy main menu or a customized GUI, your VN still stood out for me and is just plain beautiful! I love everyone in this VN, from Noah to Elijah to the MC and I hope to see more of them soon, you mentioned a possible sequel so I'm happy~ Also, I have a few questions, will Elijah and Noah ever know about her telepathy powers? Where did these powers come from? (i'm just so curious ~). So, once again, thank you very much for this game, I'm definitely looking forward for the next one!

[little sidenote: I noticed something that might have been wrong with the jumps on your code? There's a part there where I thought a weird time skip happened, since after either Elijah's or Noah's sorta date route, there is an extra scene where the MC failed to answer the call before it jumps to the last scene (it's weird so I was kind off confused after playing through the end of one of the boy's route). and a little suggestion (you can definitely ignore this if you want to): maybe place her name as default (like it's already under user input and people can just change it) so people will know? (i mean it just suits her so much and all so...)]  

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Hello! First off, thank you so much for mentioning the bug! I just updated the game files so it should hopefully be fixed for any future downloads. 

As for displaying MC’s default name, I think that’s a good idea, I’ll make a note of that! Her default name was originally going to be Reiven but since there’s a pink hair option, I changed it to Angel with no real intention behind it but I’m glad you liked it still!

GUI is definitely another weakness of mine, I’d like to focus on that for the sequel for sure. 

About the story, for now, MC’s powers are up to the player. I don’t want to decide on their origins so for now I’ll say it’s up to you! And yes, they are eventually revealed to Elijah and Noah.

Thank you for the thoughtful comment, I’m glad you enjoyed playing! I’m looking forward to your future projects and I’ll make sure to play the ones you’ve completed too!

Hi again~ So, my thoughts, the name option of Reiven and Angel is good too (like you can probably make the player choose the hair color first before the name option and make Reiven and Angel the default names (because I think Reiven suits the dark haired option too and that's such a cute name))!

As for the gui, psh, don't worry! I actually struggled on that too. It's more like I can't wrap my head about certain things and it just completely evades me sometimes (although, in my current VN, I managed to finally change the main menu but I'm still far a way from making a full-fledged GUI). So, if you want some tutorials, I'll share some and I hope you find them useful. For imagebuttons, this post helped me create my main menu for my recent VN. And another post right here (I just found this and I already tried it once but I found some sneaky problem that makes the quick menu UI um... idk i just don't like how it works but it's pretty easy to follow in the post). And another post if you want the full-blown UI with unlockable extras (for this one, just download the files and look the the scripts to see how they used it, playing the game also gives a slight overview of how it works. I'm currently sort off using this last post as basis for some GUI elements and it helps). These imagebuttons tutorial helped me understand things and it helped so yeah. However, if you want imagemaps, check this one and this one (both of these tutorials use the old/legacy framework but it should still work on the new one, although I'm not really sure since I haven't tried it yet (because imagebuttons xD). But the second tutorial at least covers until the part where you can create gallery, music room, and etc.).  But then again, for me, it's fine if you don't add these things because your story and characters are still precious <3 although, I really think it will add to the vibe (but don't feel pressured to do this, really, you don't have to~ your VNs are really great for me even without the GUI shenanigans but if you pushed through it then I fully support you xD)

If MC's powers are up to the player, does that mean she had some other power aside from telekinesis (oh em, wait I get it - she had either telekinesis or telepathy, right? right?) And I'm really excited on how they'll react once they find out about her powers (I think Elijah will think its cool and as for Noah, hmm, maybe he'll be stunned and not speak for an hour? hahaha xD).

I'm really glad I enjoyed playing too! Although, following the theme of your first two VNs, I'm expecting a certain vibe and it's thankfully there. I love how your VNs are always short, sweet, and thoughtful (and it makes me happy and inspired art-wise so it really helps!) And thank you for looking forward to my future projects (although they shift from light-hearted to serious, I actually have a trend which makes it rather funny because it's unintentional. Like Keynote is lighthearted, Die.Alone is serious, The Villaintine is lighthearted, and The Villaintine: Sepia is serious (although it does have its lighthearted elements). and you don't have to play them, really, but I'm glad still that you want to try them out :D and thank you very much for considering on playing them! sorry I'm rambling too much and have a great day~ this is probably one of the longest posts I've made in and I can't even xD)


Thank you for all the tutorials and tips about GUI, I'll definitely check them out for the sequel, along with your name suggestion! Yes, when I look up tutorials, I usually don't understand from the get go and I generally move on since I'm rather impatient, ahaha....

As for her powers, in the VN so far, they've been limited to yes, telepathy and telekinesis, but again, I don't want to restrict players. If they want to imagine MC with different, or more complex powers, I think that will still fit in the narrative.  I want players to feel like they belong in the world, or to be able to imagine MC as a character they can change to their imagination. 

And no worries, I'm always happy to see your messages! 

I relate so much to the part where you move on if you can't understand things (especially if you focus more in the story and the art or if you're joining a jam and you want to just finish the whole thing before the deadline ends-- and just simply trying to wrap your head around a complex tutorial feels like wasting too much time sometimes). 

I see, I see xD that's great! (invisibility won't be possible but okay xD). And I think it's good that players can imagine more complex powers if they want to (that's cool -- like super strength? or maybe that's pulling it way too much). 

And aw, thank you for being happy to see my messages and I'm really happy to see your VNs too, you're one of my favorite VN creators so stay awesome!


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Ahahaha, thank you for saying so!! Your comment made my morning! Now I wonder who people preferred based on their looks?

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Oh gosh, I'm so hyped to see you release one VN again! (currently downloading). I shall leave comments once I'm done playing :D (I apparently love your VNs so much that I commented even though I haven't played it yet, hehe)

Ahh, thank you!! I’m so touched! I hope it can meet your expectations and that you enjoy playing!

You're welcome :D I'm sure I'll really enjoy playing :D