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"You don't like Summer; you never sleep well."

A short story of acceptance and small changes!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel


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Deleted 2 years ago

Hello! Apologies for the late reply! I really appreciate the interest, and it is very heartwarming to know you're willing to translate my modest projects, but I'm unsure how translations would work (would I need to patch it, or code it in, for example), and I'm unfamiliar with it. So I will politely decline. Thank you again for the interest, and I'm sorry for declining your offer.

This is one of the most sweetest VNs I have ever played. It gives me such a warm feeling and makes my eyes melt from all the pastel.  Absolutely beautiful.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write me such a kind comment! I’m glad to hear you liked the colors (I tend to gravitate to pastel myself) and that it gave you a warm feeling. Thank you for playing!

This is a cute and honest VN. I wonder why Misfit turned up all of a sudden though (one mystery unsolved). But anyways, it's still cute and good. 

This is actually based on a Twine game I made earlier which had a better explanation for Misfit's appearance, but for the visual novel,  I couldn't get it to work without finishing it in time. But I'm glad you still seemed to enjoy it!

Ohhhh xD I see, I see. No prob :) (anyways, minor sidenote. The renaming for Misfit doesn't work ? xD yeah, something like that. Sometimes, his name goes from what I renamed him with to Misfit so uhh, something like that. Anyways, it doesn't really bother me that much)

Do you mean that your chosen name for him doesn't stick? I'll look into the script and hopefully fix it after my semester ends, thanks for letting me know! 

Yes, that's what happened. It returns to Misfit most of the time even though I named him something else. So yeah. Anyways, you're welcome.